Production Packaging

Television production has changed dramatically in just the last few years. New techniques have been developed to allow producers to produce shows at the highest level for less than before.

This could not have happened at a more opportune time. The rise of the 150 channel universe has made it imperative that every production dollar is spent wisely and effectively.

At Granite Springs, we understand how to put together effective shows within the limits of today's television economics. If you want your show to be innovative and exciting and still within the realm of your budget, contact us now.


Our credit list includes:

Premios 2009 - This annual sports awards show appears throughout the Wester Hemisphere is Spanish on the Fox Sports cable networks.  GSP contracted for all the television facilities required.

US National Jump Rope Championships - GSP not only provided all above and below the line rec=sources for this annual event but placed it on Fox Sports Net nationally.

Family Circle Cup tennis - Originating at the FCC Tennis Center in Charleston, SC, this is North America's most prestigious professional women's clay court event.  Matches aired all week on ESPN, ESPN2, & multiple foreign countries.

A Wedding Story - When TLC and Banyan Productions needed a special event for the 8th season of this fabulously successful series, they turned to GSP.  Granite Springs arranged for the hotel and all the crew and facilities for a live wedding telecast.  Ratings for this show were more than double a regular episode.

GSP also provides packaging for ESPN, the NTRA, and YES Network.  

Pre-GSP credits include Live Aid, 7 Super Bowls, the Golden Globe Awards, the Soap Opera Awards,  and entertainment, news, corporate, and sports events on a local, regional, and national level too numerous to mention.

Bob is also a member of the Directors Guild of America.